Financial analyses and consultancy

Our consultancy missions

We carry out consultancy assignments for institutional investors (holding companies, insurance companies and banks) and SMEs.

Our main missions concern the valuations of markets, stock market sectors, companies listed on the stock exchange or not (with a view to their sale), accounting analyses, company audits, etc.

We are able to provide any useful market information (market, sector, individual company), economic or financial information and to send it to you quickly.

We realize a “tailor-made package” requiring from us recurring services.

We also participate in meetings where we give objective and independent advice on the financial matters that come before us.

On specific request, we do valuations of companies (SMEs) for transmission or sale and if necessary, we seek shareholders at the request of companies that are willing both in the case of minority interests and majority.

Examples of topics

Analysis of a publicly traded company and its valuation.​

Analysis of specific structured products.​

Analysis of a sector and its valuation.​

Analysis and comparison between various mutual funds.​

Analysis of a stock market and its valuation.​

Stock market outlook for a specific market or sector.​

Analysis of a bond portfolio (risk, duration and return).​

Valuation of company for transmission and search of investor(s) at the request of minority or majority shareholders.​

Financial analyses and consultancy​