Financial training seminars​

Organization and participation in financial training seminars​

We run practical seminars (for banks, insurance companies, managers and SMEs) in which we simply explain the basics of financial analysis.

We train sales agents and executives so that they can be able to simply answer the various questions of prospects.

The themes are related to stocks, bonds, stock market valuation, financial products and their possible positioning in relation to the competition.

Different levels are planned (for beginners, middle level and advanced).

The last part of the sessions is only based on case studies.

Our training cycles are based on interactive exchanges between the speaker and participants to identify strengths and weaknesses.

We also carry out practical training in balance sheet analysis (with practical cases) and the valuation of companies (for their possible transmission or for their sale).

Examples of topics:​

Criteria for evaluating a stock​

How to analyze a stock and what are the valuation criteria? Fundamental and technical analysis (possibly).​

Basics in accounting and financial analysis​

Analysis of the balance sheet and income statement of a company (SME or other). Analysis of financial ratios.​

Criteria for valuing stock markets​

How to analyze them and what are the valuation criteria? Study of risk premiums.

Explanation of options​

How to increase the return of a portfolio or pay less than current stock prices by using the options?​

Sector analysis (technology, food, banks and insurance, etc.)​

How to choose the right sectors and the right companies in the selected sectors? Sector studies.​

Reading financial newspapers​

What are the important elements?​

Analysis of your products and sales arguments​

How to select right mutual funds? Return/risk analysis.​

All you ever wanted to know about the stock market​

Everything you have always wanted to know about the financial field without ever daring to ask.

Determination of the risk profile of a client​

Primordial to advise the appropriate products.​

Valuation of companies​

Sale of a minority or majority shareholding, transmission of a company.​

Participation in financial training seminars​