Tabellion Street 66 1050 Brussels

Feiner Analysis and Advice (company number: 0450001509, FSMA: 100470 cB) is agent in banking and investment services.

Any “Mifid” type activity will be carried out exclusively under the control of Createrra Finance.

In August 2019, Createrra finance joined the IRIS Finance group. The group is present in Paris, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Geneva and Brussels. It offers quality services in wealth management and asset management (in particular through Chahine Capital, manager of the Sicavs “Digital Funds Stars” with remarkable historical performance).

The assets under management of the IRIS Finance group are around 3 billion eur.

The company is approved by the FSMA under the number BE 0867721121.

The advice is independent and also materializes via the principle of “open architecture” which allows to select the best mutual funds of the competition.

Createrra Finance works with external custodian banks with favorable terms for their clients.

Createrra Finance (wealth manager)​