The career of an expert

Budget-Weekly (Test-Achat) 1986-1989

Responsible for 3 years of advice on the Belgian stock market.

Valuations and monitoring of Belgian listed companies in the banking, insurance and real estate sectors.

Follow-up of the “small caps”.

Responsible for the French and Spanish stock markets.

Participation in the launch of a product including the publication of studies of nearly 100 Belgian companies listed on the stock market.
(March 1986 to February 1989).

Sofina 1989-1992

Responsible during 4 years of stock markets (mainly European).

Valuations of stock markets, sectors, and companies (listed or unlisted).

Charles Feiner completed more than 400 financial analysis studies and investment proposals on a variety of financial topics.

Management and portfolio monitoring, execution of stock market orders.

Participation in the Investment Committee in the presence of the members of the Management Committee.
(February 1989 to December 1992).

Cobepa 1993-1995

Charles Feiner has participated, as an independent consultant, in numerous Investment Committees for which he has conducted several hundred studies in financial and stock market analysis.
(October 1993 to July 1995).

Securex 1999-2006

Charles Feiner, as an independent advisor, participated in numerous investment committees for which he carried out almost 100 studies in financial and stock market analysis.
(July 1999 to November 2006).

Professional profile

After completing his studies in 1984 and before setting up a consultancy firm in 1993, Charles Feiner worked for various companies in the financial field.

1984: Charles Feiner (born in 1962) holds a degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences from ICHEC (Finance option).

From 1984 to 1993 Charles Feiner worked for several companies active in stock market and financial analysis.

1993: Charles Feiner founds financial consultancy firm FEINER ANALYSIS and ADVICE.

Professional experiences

(as an independent financial consultant)

January 1993

Creation of an independent company in financial analysis (Feiner Analysis & Advice).

Various missions for institutional investors

Holding companies, banks and insurance companies.

Financial analysis

Studies of stock exchanges, sectors, companies (listed or not) and participations.

Financial consultations

Tailor-made packages.

Portfolio analysis

Equities, bonds, currencies, options, structured and miscellaneous products.

Financial communication

Help in preparing annual or semi-annual reports.

Investment advice

Activities in banking and investment services.

Professional financial training

For companies that market financial products (in particular in mutual funds and in funds branch 23).