Analysis and Advice

An independent company active in financial analysis

Feiner Analysis and Advice is an independent company active in financial analysis.
For many years, we have been providing financial advice to both private individuals and businesses through consultancy missions.

We help you to gain a better understanding of your financial problems and a more acute vision of the alternatives to face the financial challenges either as an individual or in the course of your professional activities.

Contact Feiner Analysis and Advice to benefit from the objective eye of an expert regarding the management of your assets (or portfolio management), your financial problems, the valuation or the transmission of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you need advice in the following areas:

● How to invest in the stock market?
● How to understand the financial analysis clearly?
● How to understand a balance sheet?
● How to find adequate sources of funding?
● How to value your company?
● How to transmit your company?
● How to write a financial report clearly?

We also participate, as a speaker, in training seminars during which we simply explain the basics of financial and stock market analysis.

If you wish, we can also help you to produce your prospecting brochures, annual reports and financial reports.

About Feiner Analysis and Advice


After having been responsible for the European stock markets for 4 years at SOFINA, a listed holding company, Charles Feiner, a specialized financial consultant, founded in 1993 an independent financial analysis office: Feiner Analysis and Advice.

At Sofina, Charles Feiner made many investment proposals and participated in the Investment Committee chaired by the members of the Board of Directors.

During these years, he has completed nearly 400 studies of companies, sectors or stock market valuations.

Afterwards, he became, among other things, an independent consultant to COBEPA (formerly a publicly traded holding company) for which he carried out nearly 100 financial studies.

He has also written for SECUREX many analyses in strategies and stock market valuations.

Our missions

Analyses Financières


Feiner Analysis & Advice carries out consultancy assignments (from 1 week to several months) for institutional investors (holding companies, insurance companies and banks) and SMEs.

Séminaires Financiers


We run practical seminars (for financial institutions, brokerage firms and SMEs) in which we simply explain the basics of financial analysis.

Communication Financière


We contribute to the development of prospecting brochures, annual reports, financial or other (comprehension, readability, lay-out).

Intermédiation Financière


We act as agent in banking and investment services with a Belgian financial institution. Through our company, you can call on the skills of this institution.